Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

When the wool has been washed you can chose to comb the wool.

Valkyrie wool camps.

The points of the locks are all sorted which is useful if you are going to comb them. In the locks are also short pieces of wool and straw and some irregularities. I have heard from the ladies of the spinning group that wool combing makes the wool cleaner than carding. Combing is a technique whereby fibers are passed through a row of metal teeth in order to lay the fibers parallel to one another.

The wool comb is attached to the table and ready for use .

The shaving side of the locks are pushed over the pins (careful these are sharp, children and pets out of the room.

A top view of how the sheer side of the locks sit over the pins.

You start by combing the tips of the locks from right to left or vice versa, just what you find easy. Comb a small layer every time, that the wool becomes clean.

On the left comb is the trash from the first round, the waste goes off the comb and the other comb comes on the shelf and the 2nd round can begin, and repeat this total of 4 times.

After combing 4 times the wool looks so nice and clean and fluffie 🙂

And then you have a ful comb with clean wol and it is on your comb. You can take it off with a diz. What is a diz ?. A diz resembles a large cone-shaped button with 2 or more different size holes. My diz are large buttons from a hard shell of a Coconut.

By twisting the wool on a point, it easily goes through the hole of the diz. with a diz you can make a smooth top.
You pull the wool through the hole and when the wool almost comes loose, you slide the diz forward and this is repeated until you have removed all of it that easily comes off the comb.

Almost finnished.

My diz, the thick top that i will carefully make longer ( by pulling it) and the waste.

Now my top is ready and i winded it into a nest ready to use. Now i know what a top means too. ( a top is clean fibers that are combed and aligned, with all vegatable matter, debris and short broken fibers removed).