Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

In this article you will learn how to needle bind in an easy way.


Needlebinding Mittens.

In the step by step chapter you saw how to make the Oslo stitch. When you making mittens or slippers you actually start exactly the same, you make a row

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My YouTube videos

I made 30 needlebinding videos. 10 Dutch, 23 English and 5 German. The first 10 videos are in Dutch but the images are clear to understand. This video is about:

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Baby socks and monkey.

I made socks and slippers but never Baby socks. Today it is 3 okt. 2023 and i made my first nalbound Monkey. The pattern of my first stuffed monkey can

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Needlebinding a Hood

I designed my hood without using scissors and sewing parts together. The hood consists of one piece and I am glad that it worked. This pattern you can adjust to

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Needlebinding Beret

Needlebind round start. I start with 14 stitches with the Finnish stitch 2+2 F1. In the 1 rnd you increase all stitches and then attach a stitch marker, you know

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Increase and decrease and …

”By step by step instructions”, you have see how needlebinding works. But now you have to make a larger row, then you have to increase, adding stitches . If you

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My Needlebinding Battle

As a reenactor on the ice age farm (september 2018) i saw a woman who was needlebinding a hat that had no holes, since i have a bold head (i

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