Needlebinding Slippers.

Needlebinding Slippers.

27 april 2020 0 Door bertveugelers

Needlebinding slippers.

Start with a row of stitches in Finnish stitch 2+2 f1. Make a turn by making the needle in the 4th loop, then make the stitches in the usual way. At the end of the row you increase 3 stitches.

In the video I made a mistake with the story about the thin socks, I said increasing but it had to be decreasing excuse for this.

Next you are increasing 2 stitches on both sides of your slipper, till you reached the widest part of your foot. With the 5th row you are going to make a loose row of stitches so called ‘finger’.


Here you see how the finger is made.


When you make the turn of the finger you see that the finger is shorter and that is what we want because after increasing at the top of the finger it gets longer. When you connect the finger at the base of the slipper you decrease 3 stitches on both sides and when you come along at the top of the finger you increase 5 stitches.


After that you decrease 5 stitches at the base of the finger on both sides and at the top of the finger you increase now 3 stitches.


Next you continue decreasing 5 stitches at the base of the finger and no increasing at the top of the finger. When you reaches your ankle you continue straight without decreasing.

pic. 5 Maat 45.

At the place where the adhesion of the finger is made, a small hole is created which I later stopped.


Here you can see nicely where the 5 decreases have been made.


A very small size 36 slipper made in a Finnish stitch 2 + 2 F1, with an oval start for my wife.

slipper with round start.