Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

Just one needle

It is actually a super nice invention to be able to make such a beautiful woolen fabric with just one needle. In the very old past they made needles from bones, antler, horn or from wood.



Using old materials to make a needle is of course a nice challenge, the needles are smooth, beautiful in shape and authentic, a hand wide and a blunt needle. I made also needles from bamboo, they are smooth, strong and durable.


Which materials can you use

Back in the days they used fibers from plants, bark of trees, linen, silk, hair cow’s tail, and sheep’wool. For needlebinding i use 100% wool because you can felt that. With the uni knot you can use other yarn for needlebinding.

uni knot.

Why needlebinding?

There we go: Needlebinding does not look like knitting, crochet or weaving technique, it is less stressful for your hands then crocheting and knitting. It is easy to learn with 2 fingers and your thumb. With this beautiful authentic craft you can make strong and durable fabric. Needlbind work can put away without stitches falling off the needle (like knitting). The loop structure creates a very good insulating fabric which is useful with Mittens in Norway or Sweden at winter temperatures of minus 30 degrees, in our country (The Netherlands) these Mittens can serve as oven Mittens. Depending on the selected stitch and connection stitch, the woolen fabric can become : dense, loose, open and even become a net structure. With needlebinding small errors, (little happy accidents) are hardly visible and (if you wish) you can pull out the fabric. If your thread is loose and there is a little gab , you pull on the thread and the gab is closed 🙂 The Needlework does not fray, because of the loop structure, each stitch is actually a “knot” of the other stitch. with needlebinding you can felt leftovers of wool and you have almost no waste. 🙂

no waste.

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