Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

Many projects that you can make with needlebinding are started with a circle : socks, a sweater or a pair of mittens. Knitting socks is done with cicelcular needles, or with 3 or 4 needles, the great thing about needlebinding is that you only need One Needle.

When you start a project you can choise a stitch you like, every stitch is different in size and thickness and tight or very loose. Your thumb size and whether you nalbind loose or tight and the stitch and connection stitch choice determines how the fabric will look. I made some swatches with 30 stitches in a row and 5 rows long.

All the swatches are made with the connection stitch F2, (you pick your old loop and your next loop on your needle and make your stitch).

The Oslo stitch was used in the next project.

This is the start of needlebinding of a row of 13 stitches with the Oslo stitch and extra long tail. You can also set up with more stitches, the hat is going to be bigger.

Make the needle on the long tail thread through the lower loops of the stitches.

The needle goes through the loops of all stitches.

Slowly tighten the woolen thread to create a circle.

Your thumb goes into the big loop.

Close the circle with the first stitch.

Closed the circle and made two stiches.

The first round make the circle larger by increasing every stitch. After the first round you attach a stitch marker so that you know when a round starts and ends. The 2nd round, one stitch normal and the 2nd stitch increase. The 3nd round, two stitches normal and the 3nd stitch increase. The 4nd round three stitches normal and the 4nd increase. The 5nd round four stitches normal and the 5nd increase. The 6nd round five stitches normal and the 6nd increase.

Now just measure the diameter, is it 21 cm (for my head the circumference is 56.5 cm than : The 7nd round just needlebinding don’t increase or decrease. After this round you are going decrease stitches.

The 8nd round five stitches normal and the 6nd decrease. The 9nd round four stitches normal and the 5nd decrease. The 10nd round three stitches normal and the 4nd decrease and measure and finish the edge. How to finish the hat see picture chapter increase and decrease.

This hat fits exactly over my bold head.

If you want to make a bigger hat start with a longer row stitches in the beginning when you make the circel (magic loop they called it with crochet).

More hats.

This hat is needlebound in a Finnish stitch 2+2 F2.


This hat is needlebound in a Finnish stitch 2+2 F2.


This hat is needlebound in a Finnish stitch 2+2 F2.


This hat is needlebound in a Finnish stitch 2+3 F2. This stitch is a lot of denser than the “normal” Finnish stitch.

A hat with a brim.

I made this hat with a Finnish stitch 2+2 and F2 as a connecting stitch.

I started with 18 stitches with a round start. After the circle has been closed and you have attached a stitch marker, you will increase all stitches in the 1st round. During the 2nd round you will increase every other stitch. The 3rd round 2 stitches normal and the 3rd increase. The 4th round 3 stitches normal and the 4th stitch increase. The 5th round 4 stitches normal and the 5th stitch increase. The 6th round 5 stitches normally and the 6th stitch increases and then you put your hand on a circle and that is approximately the size of your head. (photo is of a different hat).

The 7 round just plain nalbinding.

After this you will decrease the next round The 8th round 5 stitches normal and the 6th decrease. The 9th round 4 stitches normally and the 5th stitch decrease and try on your hat. Once your hat fits you will make the brim of your hat. You will make the brim of your hat by increasing, first I increased all the stitches and that resulted in a very wavy edge, this was way too much, so cut it off and start again. Then I chose to simply increase 2 stitches and the 3rd stitch, which was better. The next round 3 stitches normally and the 4th increase, this 2 round I used a mixed color.

The last round I used the camel color again and because the edge became a little more wavy again, I used 10 stitches normally and the 11 increases with needle binding. This is my first cheerful hat with a brim with thicker wool for Autumn/winter and I have learned a lot again and (taken out/cut) I am going to make many more hats with a brim from all kinds of wool, thin, thick 1-2- 3 ply wool or combinations of wool and acrylic but NOT superwash wool because you cannot felt it.

Today 15 december 2023 i made a new video called: needlebinding nalbinding a hat.

Have fun with my patterns and also take a look at my YouTube Channel: happy needlebinding for even more needlebinding videos in (Dutch, English and German).

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