Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

I designed my hood without using scissors and sewing parts together. The hood consists of one piece and I am glad that it worked. This pattern you can adjust to your own size and shape. I made this hood on18 februari 2020.

Starting with 17 stitches and needlebind so called magic circle.

The stitch that i use is the Fåberg stitch with F2 therefore the fabric becomes more dence. The first row increase every stitch. The 2 nd row increase every 2nd stitch. The 3 nd row increase every 3th stitch and so on.

pic. 1

When you reached round 10 you needlebind normal (no increasing).

pic. 2

Round 11 needlebind another round normal and then needlebind a loose row and reattached the row stiches. You have now 144 stitches and the loose row is 42 stitches. The length of the loose row is half the circumference of your head. You have to put your head through it.


To make the front of the your hood you have to decrease.

To start in the corners (needlepoint) i decrease 2 stitches two rows, to make the corners less sharp. The horizontal part i needlbind straight for 3 rows, and then i decreased with the same number as the vertical part. In the vertical curve (the blue strip) 8 stitches normal and 9nd decrease. The vertical curve 7 stitches normal and 8nd decrease. Messure if the hood is small enough, if not continue. The vertical curve 6 stitches normal and 7nd decrease. Now mesure if it is big enough, you can of course make the size of the hood, what you like, needlebind some more or less rows.


Make a new thread on the edge of the new created small circel and needlebind this first row of the neck of the hood normal. When this row is ready measure if your head gets through. The first rows of the neck needlebind normal, measure it, is it to short then needlebind another row.

Now you are going to increase the neck towards the shoulder Next row needlebind 5 stitches normal and the 6 stitch increase.


Next row 6 stitches normal and the 7 stitch increase and so on, until it is big enough for you.

Here you see another project of making a hood, with the same patern as above.

The 2nd hood is another project where the photos are a help for the next Hood (the colors of the wool are no longer for sale).

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  1. im new to this craft, i recently joined a viking living history group in mackay nth queensland, australia. i also discovered my ancestors came from visby gotland. i came across your site, just wanted to say hi, and i am looking forward to learning this beautiful craft.

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