Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

Åsle stitch, Arboga stitch and Cowl/Col.

Easy Åsle variation F1. The Åsle stitch, named for a 16 th century mitten found in Våstergötland in the southwest part of Sweden. The stitches on this page are examples of Sanne-Mari Pihlajapiha from Finland, she is great authority of needlebinding and a very big inspiration for the needlebinding community. This is a new way […]

Connection stitches and how to finish project.

The Oslo stitch with F1. When you needlebinding, the size of the stitch is determined by the size of your thumb and not by the needle you use. If you want a very dense fabric you can use for example the Asle stitch, or the Finisch stitch 3+2 with F2. With needlebinding you have a […]

Needlebinding Beret

Needlebind round start. I start with 14 stitches with the Finnish stitch 2+2 F1. In the 1 rnd you increase all stitches and then attach a stitch marker, you know when a round starts and ends. The 2 rnd 1 stitch normal and the secound increase The 3 rnd 2 stitches normal and the third […]

Increase and decrease and …

”By step by step instructions”, you have see how needlebinding works. But now you have to make a larger row, then you have to increase, adding stitches . If you want your needlebinding work to become smaller, you have to decrease, so remove stitches. Increase (meerderen). Increasing the number stitches you put the needle through […]

My Needlebinding Battle

As a reenactor on the ice age farm (september 2018) i saw a woman who was needlebinding a hat that had no holes, since i have a bold head (i quickly get cold if i don’t wear a hat or cap). My curiosity was immediately aroused and i had one thought, i should be able […]

Basic stitches and my first YouTube video’s.

The Oslo stitch You can see the oslo stich on the photo it is 1 loop around your thumb and 1 loop behind your thumb. The oslo stitch is often the first stitch that is learned with needlebinding. The oslo stitch is a very beautiful stitch, has a nice pattern and the inside and the […]

DIY new design Nålbinding needles.

Making nålbinding needles has become a new hobby My very first needles i made were from an ice cream stick. The stick was made of beech wood, flat,not too thick and i was able to make my first needles with it. The needles were not really durable and i started using other material, viz. bamboo. […]

One needle and the great advantage of needlebinding

Just one needle It is actually a super nice invention to be able to make such a beautiful woolen fabric with just one needle. In the very old past they made needles from bones, antler, horn or from wood. Bamboo Using old materials to make a needle is of course a nice challenge, the needles […]