Crafts from ancient times give relaxation in our present time

My YouTube videos

I made 30 needlebinding videos. 10 Dutch, 15 English and 5 German. The first 10 videos are in Dutch but the images are clear to understand. This video is about: what is needlebinding and how to get started. This video is about: easy learning oslo and faberg stitch. This video is about: how […]

Baby socks

I made socks and slippers but never Baby socks. These were my first tries, and now i have to invent a good pattern. The bow ties were nice but not functional and needed replacing. In the next foto you can see my baby socks, which i am quite proud of. Delft blue tiles color palette […]

Needlebinding thin summer socks.

I needlebind socks with the Swedish Klas Brita style you needlebind a different kind of heel then basic socks. These socks are easy to make and have a very beautiful heel. When you needlebind socks or slippers it is useful how long and wide your foot is. I made a mold of my foot, and […]

Needlebinding Slippers.

Needlebinding slippers. Start with a row of 18 stitches in Finnish stitch 2+2 f1. The width is your 4 toes, increasing at the end of the rows makes the slipper wider. Make a next round by inserting in the last 4 stitch to make your next stitch. At the end of the row you increase […]

Needlebinding a Hood

I designed my hood without using scissors and sewing parts together. The hood consists of one piece and I am glad that it worked. Starting with 17 stitches and needlebind so called magic circle. The stitch that i use is the Fåberg stitch with F2 therefore the fabric becomes more dence. The first row increase […]

Needlebinding Mittens

When i needlebind Mittens i use the Finnish stitch 2+2 F2, this is 2 loops around your thumb and 2 loops behind your thumb and F2 as an connection stitch (you pick the new and the old stitch together), see chapter Stitches. This Finnish stitch is often used because you get a dence and strong […]

Round start, a Hat.

Many projects that you can make with needlebinding are started with a circle : socks, a sweater or a pair of mittens. Knitting socks is done with cicelcular needles, or with 3 or 4 needles, the great thing about needlebinding is that you only need One Needle. When you start a project you can choise […]

Needlebinding step by step instructions.

The Dutch explantion is in the photos and Under the pictures are the English, German, French, and Spanish language. This is the position of you thumb and fingers with my needlebinding method, no presure, no force and relex position of the fingers. Dies ist die Position von Daumen und Fingern mit meine Nadelbindungsmethode, Sie sollten […]

Needlebinding Socks.

Needlebind socks with the Swedish Klas Brita style you get a different kind of heel than the basic socks. These socks are easy to needlebind and have a very beautiful heel and with one needle Klas Brita style. New increasing and decreasing number socks. Make a row of stitched (20) and bend back and at […]

If it fails,tips and tricks and ..

Which loop do you start after a break ? The last loop goes over your thumb. This is the loop that tightens when you pull on the thread. The newest thumbloop is the lowermost on the thumb. When you pull the thumbloop always tight you get nice even stitches to. With the uni knot you […]